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Maze of Pleasures is an album in which Maxim Shalygin presents a number of electroacoustic works written over 7 years. The album explores the theme of love in all of its manifestations: from tender contemplation of the beloved to wild passion bordering on aggression. Sometimes there is a feeling of flying, and sometimes the music pushes you mechanistically into a chair, sometimes it frightens, and then suddenly fascinates you. The emotions range from seduction to mental insanity, from gentle love to lust, from the extremely quiet and slow to the unbearably painful and screaming loud. The album has a lot of allusions to various genres of electronic music, which are intertwined together in a completely new multi-layered sound and form. In the first four tracks Shalygin also appears as a performer of the vocal part. A very complex vocal part in the fifth track "Maze of Pleasures" is brilliantly performed by soprano Victoria Vitrenko.

Composer: Maxim Shalygin
Performers: Maxim Shalygin(I-IV), Viktoriia Vitrenko(V)
Year of release: 2020
Style: Experimental Electronic, Industrial, Ambient, Dubstep, Songs, Dance music.
Total duration: 53.35

Tracks and duration:

I.   From the other side beyond the mirror [12:07]
II.  Sexual [06:47]
III. Holy Drill [13:04]
IV. Seduction [4:55]
V.  Maze of pleasures [16:50]